Timelines & Parallel Universes


April 13th, 2019 @ 7AM Pacific
Live Zoom Video

It’s time to bring all the energy of your multiple lives and parallel universes into one.  The world is becoming one, and as this happens, we will be gaining the knowledge and benefits form our multiple timelines into this one happening right now.  


Join me for this powerful webinar…

If we haven’t met already…

Hi! I’m Tamra Oviatt.

I’m the founder of Sacred Activations; a healing modality that has served 10,000s practitioners and clients all over the planet.

My business started to grow after I received the first few SACRED ACTIVATIONS in 2012 while I was visiting sacred sites in

Since 2012, I’ve built a thriving business attracting practitioners from all over the world.

My multiple six-figure business has given me the opportunity to support my family and fund all my adventures in different corners of the world. My business was featured in many famous platforms.

I had the chance to support big names in the personal development arena with this powerful activating healing…

I wrote two best-selling books which stayed as the best international books of the year despite dyslexic tendencies.

Tamra taught this to Master Practitioners in Mexico and it’s now time to bring it to you.  Those who attend this webinar will get to show up in a much more powerful way.

We will be collapsing multiple timelines and parallel universes and bringing you into your full power.  We will be doing multiple activations and a guided meditations.

Connecting with the eye of God, Tamra’s activations will give you what your soul needs for the next level in your empowered life.

Don’t miss this energetic upgrade.   Join Tamra Oviatt *live* for this global webinar event on April 13th @ 7AM Pacific via Zoom Video.  Register now!  If you can’t make it live, you will be emailed the replay.