Fulfill Your Wishes 

Fulfill Your Wishes Now!

Tamra has created Wishes Fulfilled for you! This program is here to manifest exactly what you’re missing in yourself, your environment, and your life. Fulfill your wishes now with an extreme energy makeover! This extra space you hold may be grabbing on to negative energy and limiting you from happiness and prosperity! This program is here to not only help transform your life but make your dreams a reality! Feeling strange or odd vibes? Is there stress, pain or fear held over from previous experiences or even towards yourself? Re-energize yourself for wellbeing and success. Tamra will clear the unneeded, remove energy blocks, create flow and find solutions for a flourishing, and prosperous life!


✺ Tamra will run 6-8 activations per week,

 including the seed of life activation.

✺ We will be using a money energy paycheck system where

you will be paying yourself for every step you take working

towards your dreams (mental bank) while using this you will

manifest money and more opportunities.

✺ Each week we write down what we want to focus on and

we all work on manifesting that dream, this program isn’t

just a webinar it’s an interactive class where you are able to

communicate with Tamra and others from all around the

world; here helping you focus on what you desire.

✺ Wishes fulfilled provides a prayer board where u can post

and read others prayers. This program allows others to

reach out to you and provide support,

this also gives you the option to benefit others

as well, making the vibrations of your desires even stronger.

Every week we will be clearing and manifesting. Classes will be
Wednesdays at 7 AM PST, you will be sent the recording
automatically within 24 hours after the class. The class includes
an interactive video call where one will be able to ask questions
and work with others live. 

Some of the books Tamra will be using throughout this program:

  • Dyer, Wayne W. Wishes fulfilled: mastering the art of manifesting
  • Hoffman, Dale A. Echoes Of an Ancient Dream: Aramaic toning on the path of light
  • Scheinfeld, Robert. Busting Loose: From The Money Game
  • Scheinfeld, Robert. The Ultimate Key To Happiness: How To Be Happy All The Time, No Matter Whats Going On Around You
  • Twyman, James F. The Moses Code: The Most Powerful Manifestation Tool in the History of the World
  • Canfield, Jack. Key To Living The Law Of Attraction

Benifits Of Tamra’s Wishes Fulfilled Program 

✺ Manifest The Dreams You Desire

✺ Release Fears, Resentments, Negative Beliefs

✺ Gain Clarity In Your Purpose

✺ Learn To Live The Life Your Desire

✺ Be Part Of A Community Helping You Shift You

✺ Take Part In A Weekly Support Group

✺ Recieve Prayers From People All Around The World

Wishes Fulfilled

Interested in changing your world? Here is the incredible opportunity to separate yourself from the shadow, and to ascend to your higher power… With a subscription to the Wishes Fulfilled Series, you’ll connect weekly with Tamra and other like-minded healers who will be helping you overcome your struggles and manifest your dreams.

Packages Available:

One Week OnlyA one-time payment of $35 which grants you access to the forum for one week and the next webinar. You can re-register at any time.
Standard$97/month, which entitles you to a weekly webinar with Tamra and continuous access to the community forums to discuss the exercise with other members of the group!
One Private Session Monthly – $200/month entitles you to the group webinar as well as one private session with Tamra per month ($250 value!)
12 Sessions in Three Months$500/month for three months only, entitling you to the group webinar and providing 12 free private sessions with Tamra (only $100 per session!)