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Thousands of people have downloaded these 3 activations and benefited from them. It is my hope that these activations will begin your journey towards recognizing yourself as a powerful contributor to the peace and love on planet Earth. These activations will help you live a happy, healthy and prosperous life.

A new life is waiting for you! Sacred Activations is for those that are ready to shift their life, NOW.

Hi, my name is Tamra Oviatt. I have been doing energy work for over 30 years. In 2012, when I was in Europe, Creator gave me a new modality called Sacred Activations, which activates your Sacred Geometry and pulls you out of:

  • collective consciousness
  • genetic consciousness
  • religious consciousness, and
  • group consciousness

…all holding hundreds of thousands of belief systems which hold you back from who you really are.

Sacred Activations can help you in many different ways by changing these parts of your life:

  • Improve Prosperity
  • Improve Relationships
  • Improve Health
  • Improve Psychic Abilities
  • Remove Addictions

Have you been stuck in the same belief systems for 5, 10, or even 20 years or more?

If you are ready to completely change your belief systems, Sacred Activations releases these so you can be in your power here on earth.

If you are ready, download my 3 free activations below, which will activate your 12 strands of DNA, Tree of Life  (also known in Sacred Geometry), and should increase your intuition by up 10-fold.

Watch How Sacred Activations Has Changed People’s Lives!

  • Juliette
  • Tryna Cooper
  • Ron Sharp
  • Finn Goddard
  • Gregory Hoag

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Read How Sacred Activations Created Wellness & Abundance:

I took 24 Sacred Activations over private sessions and she keeps on clearing the blocks as she moves on and knows when is the time to give which activation.Her Sacred Activations and private sessions put me off from Bi-Polar Medications and this was a miracle as explained to me by my doctor.The Activations has brought about a harmony in me and my relations with family and has changed my thinking,has brought so much positivity to my thinking that my whole life has changed.The way I took life 4 months back is very much different which I take it today.Its all Tamra's work that is reflected in me and I on my behalf encourage everyone that this is the one stop where you can get your life changed.I am so much impressed by Tamra's work that now I have taken her Certified Sacred Activations Practitioner course so that I can help other people,as a gratitude for all that I received from Tamra.Thankyou Tamra from the bottom of my heart,you are such an amazing person and that's why I think Creator chose you to channel all these activations on people who require it and spread Love and Peace in the World and create a brand new Consciousness for ever and ever.Tamra your work is great and I can say this over and over and over again.Anyone can contact me for any query,but rest assured with Tamra you are safe and her work is pure and you will yourself find it fulfilling.With Regards
Ankit Malhotra
The Sacred Activations are really effective in clearing out Very deep belief-systems. A few days ago- just one day after having The Mother Earth Activation done I was taking my dog on a walk and sort of out of the blue tears just came to my eyes and I felt this devastating feeling of no kind of love I ever send out would be returned. Since I am a Certified ThetaHealer this was something I could handle and the beliefs connected with it was easily changed. Me changing these beliefs sort of made room for something even bigger to emerge; I literally felt like I was the destroyer of worlds (any worlds – but especially our own earth Gaia) All I could cme up with to replace that belief was that I was the keeper of worlds.. I just new that this particular belief was not the right one but it would had to do until I got home to get a bit more assistance on the matter. A good friend of mine – whom is also a healer – helped me to see that what I was, was not destroyer of worlds but instead creator of worlds. It came to me while I was connected to see the dust-particles after an explosion… out of the dust came a seed and the seed began to sprout and new life had begun.At almost the same time I had been writing to Tamra and told/ explained to her what had happened and she new like in an instant that it was connected to the work we had done around The Mother Earth activation since we had freed me from my obligation to take on some of Mother Earths problems; this freeing apparently brought up some even deeper beliefs about me being co-responsible for the destruction of Earth if and when it would happen since I no longer took on my part. So .. this was of-course changed to and getting Creators truth about all of it tooI bet that I am now able to live my life more than ever before without being afraid on some level that whatever I touch will be destroyed at some point.So glad to now be co-creator of worlds instead of destroyer of them And that is just form one of the activations With love and light ♥
Thea Jensen
Hi Tamra & Everyone, I have recently become a Certified Sacred Activations Practitioner and I wanted to share with you one of my experiences with this work. Working with my daughter`s seizure the other day, even after the seizure she sometimes has continuing diziness and headaches and I do healings on her and it takes sometimes 10 mins sometimes more than an hour for her to fully recover.This time I felt an urge to do activations on her and soon afterwards she was feeling well. I am so thankful for this work and to Tamra Oviatt for introducing it to me.It is fast, effective and does wonders.I believe there is yet to experience more miracle healings with diseases which we once would have thought incurable through Sacred Activations. I would recommend everyone to be activated, or even better become a practitioner. Your life is bound to change in the most amazing ways…
Hümeyra Gürel Tumay, Sacred Activations Practitioner
Wow! Thanks, Tamra. I now know what it feels like to be unplugged from the Collective. I feel like a river flowing. I am also at peace and have a sense of clarity in the Present moment that I remember having as a child. When I tap into my Soul Guidance all I get is loud music and party horns! Who-whoooo!!!
Lenaye Marsten
North Berwick, Maine, USA
My name is Ashlie, I had swollen lymphnodes and parotid gland. My doctor panicked at it being there for multiple days that large and sent me for emergency double biopsy , he & the man doing biopsy suspected lymphoma. I called Tamra in a scared panic and she worked on me to clear all of it, she also worked on the swelling going down and told me it would before I went back in also told me it was just an infection….the swelling went down that night & I got a fever . My doctor was still in a panic thinking it was lymphoma up until I got there and showed him swelling gone & high grade fever then the blood results came in and ruled it as infection my doctor was shocked as he prepared himself to give me the you have cancer speech, thank goodness for Tamra she is an amazing angel! It is just an infection & got put on antibiotics!Thank you so much for everything you have been put here to do Tamra you are amazing and have helped me beyond words, you were so accurate and everything you cleared from me took so much off my shoulders & heart! Much love
I remember you telling me prior to my activation, a comment regarding yourself when you received that activation. You said something like “you now see how the government and all the chaos has a role to play in the grand scheme of things”.I thought “ok, that’s interesting” and apparently it got stored in the back of my brain. Fast forward to this morning. I’m watching the news / special reports on what happen in Libya last night and have goose bumps for so many reasons. I feel sadness and compassion for all involved, and then its like I’m watching from another place/time/ dimension, not quiet sure how to explain that. I’m detached and yet very very connected. I am seeing how this had to come about to move things forward. Now I too understand what you were talking about. My perception of things shifted. Its profound and drives home the point that I am part of the shift and I have to do all I can to help others shift too.Love and Blessings PS give me the heads up when you are teaching these. I feel very draw to this.
Hi Tamra, Thank you for today . every time i do the Activations i get better and Life it self gets BRIGHTER. much love and Many Blessings!
Steven Flores
I am feeling different and even a bit strange as the “victim” mentality I have been battling for years is finally breaking up. This is all happening so fast! Wow!! Finally!! My life is changing right before my eyes!! Thank You for being so gracious!!
Fabiola Lopez
I have know Tamra Oviatt for a number of years and have witnessed her Inner Spiritual development and growth. For anyone looking for services of a clear channeler, I would highly recommend Tamra Oviatt.
Dr. Mikio Sankey, L.Ac.
I would like to give a personal testimonial of Tamra Oviatt and her Sacred Activations. It is true it has changed my life and they are very powerful, however- I can not tell you the difference in both webinars/hangouts versus the private sessions. They to me are incredible. The one on one interaction where you are able to discuss your own personal issues and struggles compared to having others listening or perhaps possible distractions or just the fact that the sessions are costum made to what Spirit sees fit, or what you may need to conquer. I have had the opportunity to have several personal sessions with Tamra and in comparison the healing has been awe inspiring. I think in my opinion even more powerful and the shifting seemed easier and more graceful. My private clients have seen such a dramatic change in not only my appearance, my vocabulary, my radiation and my inner light. My reading space, is off the charts. I had 7 clients in one day at a local store I read at and literally had every single person in tears of pure emotion and just because of the love and light I was channeling. I love the hang outs, but the one on ones.... Hands down.... LIFE CHANGING!!!!! Do yourself a favor, book a session or a block of sessions as I have and will continue to do. Because you'd be amazed at how many veils become lifted and how much more effortless life becomes. The work she does has changed me so much, but I know there's more work to be done. Thank you Tamra. I LOVE and HONOR YOU!
Viviana Duncan

The easiest way for us to change your situation about your stuck beliefs is to clear out those belief systems  to allow ourselves to vibrate at higher and higher levels. Sacred Activations are the perfect tools to support your growth!

I have been taught how to disconnect you from the 3rd dimensional grid system of fear and suffering and plug you into your unconditional love at higher dimensions. These activations release you from hundreds to thousands of belief systems per activation. They activate your 12 strands of DNA, and they activate your Sacred Geometry without taking months or years.

I am very thankful you found yourself on this website, please feel free to download the first three activations for free above!

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