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Thousands of people have downloaded these 3 activations and benefited from them. It is my hope that these activations will begin your journey towards recognizing yourself as a powerful contributor to the peace and love on planet Earth. These activations will help you live a happy, healthy and prosperous life.

A new life is waiting for you! Sacred Activations is for those that are ready to shift their life, NOW.

Hi, my name is Tamra Oviatt. I have been doing energy work for over 30 years. In 2012, when I was in Europe, Creator gave me a new modality called Sacred Activations, which activates your Sacred Geometry and pulls you out of:

  • collective consciousness
  • genetic consciousness
  • religious consciousness, and
  • group consciousness

…all holding hundreds of thousands of belief systems which hold you back from who you really are.

Sacred Activations can help you in many different ways by changing these parts of your life:

  • Improve Prosperity
  • Improve Relationships
  • Improve Health
  • Improve Psychic Abilities
  • Remove Addictions

Have you been stuck in the same belief systems for 5, 10, or even 20 years or more?

If you are ready to completely change your belief systems, Sacred Activations releases these so you can be in your power here on earth.

If you are ready, download my 3 free activations below, which will activate your 12 strands of DNA, Tree of Life  (also known in Sacred Geometry), and should increase your intuition by up 10-fold.

Watch How Sacred Activations Has Changed People’s Lives!

  • Juliette
  • Linda
  • Diliance
  • Finn Goddard
  • Ron Sharp

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I want to thank you Tamra for this loving and powerful work that you do, and the help you have given me. I have needed a lot of help. I use the activations daily and continue to feel the shifts. Thank you so much! I think you are so giving and loving and you make me believe anything is possible. .
United States
I have been very aware of my 'spiritual roots' since I was very young and came upon the Sacred Activations about 6 months ago. I know that the energy that is brought forth with the Sacred Activations is how 'new humanity' is evolving. I have studied Theta Healing, Reiki, and Light Body modalities and have found value in each, but currently with the Sacred Activations I find that when I have gotten stuck in my life the Activations get me to breathe fresh air again and renew my life with more enthusiasm and joy than I had been experiencing. I am a technical manager and sometimes find that I get stuck in the mental world. The Activations allow me to bring forth my inner nature in my professional workplace and personal life more easily which allows me to see from a higher perspective. From what I gather it also ripples out to my workplace colleagues as well. I truly enjoy doing these Activations on a regular basis. I also appreciate the journey that Tamra has taken and shared with those of us participating in the webinars. Truly exciting work.
Janet Newman
Tamra, I got your package from YOU WEALTH, on Darius' show. I immediately loved the brain balancing and being extraordinary (never dreaming that this would be about me hiding, which I have been doing in so many ways, kind of unaware, but mostly just not nailing that was what I was doing) for the last few weeks I have been listening to the activations I felt drawn to and have felt more grounded and my life has started changing with new opportunities. Then WOW today I was relaxing and cruising through the selection of activations, and listened to the one I thought I didn't need as much (ha to our sneaky ego resistance) Heavy Metals (never dreaming that would be tied into victimization) WHOA! I was felt lighter andhappy and went off walking the dog when I heard myself (yes, my life is like that) singing "Zippeedeedodah,(sp?) myn oh my what a wonderful day" Where did that come from? Not my style. The freedom and release of this singular activation, or whichever combo I did today, has me feeling like a teenager with all hopes and enthusiasm high. This is hugely significant for the world. Thank you Tamra.
Laurie Spencer
Asheville, NC
As a result of these downloads I’ve noticed a fundamental change in my outlook on life. At first I described the feeling as ‘stodgy’ as a lot of resentments, old hurts, limiting thoughts/beliefs and stagnant energy came to the surface. As of releasing as much of that as I can so far, I’ve found that the feeling a strength and calm becomes clearer and clearer. I’ve been seeing some of the overall patterns in my life (and links to other existences). My connection with higher guidance has also improved. There were things that had caused me fear and hurt that are now seeming obsolete to me, I can already see them passing and they seem quite trivial. My stress levels have lowered and my back pain is gone… I’m also much more tolerant of other people. I feel like I’ve moved, like a train, out of the bush and onto the tracks where the path is more defined.
A Webinar
“I finally can live in (the) now without worrying about money all the time. Know that all is well and money will flow in as it always has. My fear of not having enough money is gone. My constant anxiety about financiers and what will happen in the future is vanished.” Tamra’s note: Zari is facing a $65,000 wedding for her daughter with no fear
I have been working with various Activations and -- OMG I'm going down the rabbit hole! So potent. Thank you. I have noticed that life orchestrates 'incidents' 'situations' and circumstances that trigger certain issues...once I feel them and acknowledge them - - they are gone! Joyous Blessings!
New York
All I can say is that I LOOOVE these activations! I purchased a package on a tele seminar because I could feel the energy Tamra was sending to us during the activations she gave us. Each activation that I have done felt so powerful. I have purchased several more and am so grateful because I can feel and see the profound effect they are having on me. With other various healings I have had in the past, I am most often left wondering if they are working and I don't notice much change. Now I feel so much love, so much joy, so connected and my reaction to everything around me has improved significantly. I plan to train to become certified in the near future as I feel things are finally flowing and these energies feel so right for me. I never would have even dreamed I could do such a thing before but have the confidence now!
I am hooked on to your healing modality. It has served me so well since I chanced upon you . I have made massive shifts and energy release leading to super fast healing from a very uncomfortable feeling in my body due to loss of love and a cheating by a dear friend of mine. I love the activations. they are absolutely for me. thanks thanks thanks. love u loads.
mumbai, india
“I had a miraculous healing. I had fallen down the stairs, pulled ligaments in my arm, and was in extreme pain for weeks. Tamra asked if she could pray. The pain was gone. This was simply incredible.”
Reverend Linda
Moorpark, CA
I have received activations from Tamra mam and have felt and still feeling the changes caused by them.It has devoid my mind of fears and has altogether made me more balanced in every sense.Thanks mam and keep up the godly work.
Priyanka Malhotra

The easiest way for us to change your situation about your stuck beliefs is to clear out those belief systems  to allow ourselves to vibrate at higher and higher levels. Sacred Activations are the perfect tools to support your growth!

I have been taught how to disconnect you from the 3rd dimensional grid system of fear and suffering and plug you into your unconditional love at higher dimensions. These activations release you from hundreds to thousands of belief systems per activation. They activate your 12 strands of DNA, and they activate your Sacred Geometry without taking months or years.

I am very thankful you found yourself on this website, please feel free to download the first three activations for free above!

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