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Thousands of people have downloaded these 3 activations and benefited from them. It is my hope that these activations will begin your journey towards recognizing yourself as a powerful contributor to the peace and love on planet Earth. These activations will help you live a happy, healthy and prosperous life.

A new life is waiting for you! Sacred Activations is for those that are ready to shift their life, NOW.

tamra-oviatt, Founder and CEO at Sacred Activations
Hi, my name is Tamra Oviatt. I have been doing energy work for over 30 years. In 2012, when I was in Europe, Creator gave me a new modality called Sacred Activations, which activates your Sacred Geometry and pulls you out of:

  • collective consciousness
  • genetic consciousness
  • religious consciousness, and
  • group consciousness

…all holding hundreds of thousands of belief systems which hold you back from who you really are.

Sacred Activations can help you in many different ways by changing these parts of your life:

  • Improve Prosperity
  • Improve Relationships
  • Improve Health
  • Improve Psychic Abilities
  • Remove Addictions

Have you been stuck in the same belief systems for 5, 10, or even 20 years or more?

If you are ready to completely change your belief systems, Sacred Activations releases these so you can be in your power here on earth.

If you are ready, download my 3 free activations below, which will activate your 12 strands of DNA, Tree of Life  (also known in Sacred Geometry), and should increase your intuition by up 10-fold.

Do you want to help others with Sacred Activations? I also teach this modality to others. Check out the Sacred Activations Practitioner’s page.

shae_leva“I am a Thetahealer Practitioner and a Acupuncturist. I have learned and taught many different variations of energy work at The American Institute of Natural Healing.I work full time as an Acupuncturist in the chronic pain department at Kaiser Permanente in California, USA.“I know you can test the frequency of consciousness (even including truth).”Levels of Consciousness can be mapped between 1 – 1,000. So, I used David R. Hawkins Frequent Resonator Chart and found that levels of consciousness resonate at a level between 1-1,000, yet most people’s consciousness resonates between 300-400. However, the Activations that you receive by Tamra RESONATE between 500-1,000, MOST ABOVE 900, which are HIGHER THAN MOST MASTERS CALIBRATED at in recorded planetary history.These activations bring the pure unadulterated truths back to us directly through the Heart.“Thank you, Tamra, for being the pure Heart to receive these Activations and make it possible for the rest of us to experience them through you.”

~ Roshell K. LeVA (shae) L.A.c

The easiest way for us to change your situation about your stuck beliefs is to clear out those belief systems  to allow ourselves to vibrate at higher and higher levels. Sacred Activations are the perfect tools to support your growth!

I have been taught how to disconnect you from the 3rd dimensional grid system of fear and suffering and plug you into your unconditional love at higher dimensions. These activations release you from hundreds to thousands of belief systems per activation. They activate your 12 strands of DNA, and they activate your Sacred Geometry without taking months or years.

I am very thankful you found yourself on this website, please feel free to download the first three activations for free right now!

In Light and Love,